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Monthly Reunions

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Monthly Bulletin

April 2003 Edition No. 0



 Dear Old Victorians


            We are pleased to announce the OVA Egypt (under formation), based in Cairo. It will be sister association to one previously established in Alexandria. The new association will be open to graduates from Alex. and Cairo both enjoying equal legal status.


          An application for the established of the OVA Egypt has been made to the Ministry of social affairs during the month of February 2003 Approval is granted within sixty days unless an official written refusal is received by the ministry.


Such a step has been taken to bring the largest number of the old Victorians together. The move will strengthen ties, by brining old colleagues and friends together, while linking and introducing the various generations to one another. Research has shown that Alex. Graduates who reside in Cairo far exceed Cairo graduates who reside in Alex. Thus, allowing the new association to cater the majority of old Victorians living in Egypt.


An office premises with an information center has been established. The center will answer enquires, and supply members with available information concerning their colleagues, such as Tel. & Fax. Nos., E-mail and other addresses, also profession and other areas of business, trade-industry – agriculture ….. Etc. Later on, the center will gradually expand on services. A directory for old Victorians, with all possible information will be published in due course. The monthly bulletin will furnish members with OVA current and future, social and other events, as will as members general and permissible personal news. A list of the OVA (Egypt) founders, and appointed board is enclosed.


 Future plans will include an old Victorian club, as a priority. The facility will enable members and their families' easier access, while providing the opportunity for the children and grand children to meet, possibly for the first time. It also avail a private outlet for those who seek one.        


        Victoria College was established in Alexandria, Egypt, at the beginning of the twentieth century, in the year 1902. Years later within the first half of the same century, Victoria College Cairo was born. Despite the fact that the two schools were separate legal entities, their retainment of the same name, reflected their togetherness and ever lasting spiritual oneness. 


         A legend in its own right, Victorians College was attended by royalty and dignitaries from all over the Middle East and beyond, many of whom presently occupy prominent positions throughout the world. 

For the legend to continue, and the spirit to go on, your participation and support is of essence. 


         On behalf of the board and myself, please allow me to thank you while washing you and our new association a successful future.   


Heshmat Mahmoud


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