The Cairo Victorian June,1955

The Cairo Victorians were series of bookletswhich the College used to publish each year covering some very interestingevents which happened during our school semesters.


 We are fortunate to find some of theseserials under our possession which the College used to distribute to thestudents at the beginning of each scholar year.


We have extracted some interesting news,information and events which occurred in the past, trying to memorize and bringyou back to the good old days at the time of our British Headmaster Mr. A.G.Elliot-Smith and Second Headmaster Mr. Stephen Howell-Grifith.


We also brought to you the annual CollegeHouse activities reports belonging to both the dayboys and boarders houses.


Try to find yourself and read these exquisiterefined beautiful tales and the particulars of events which will be of interestto your contemporaries at Victoria College.


Bits and Pieces from ourArchives (1)


House Notes (1955)Cromer


House Notes(1955)Gatley


House Notes (1955)Kitchener


House Notes(1955)Lloyd


House Notes (1955)Reed



for the School Yearending June, 1955




from the years 1954& 1955






Bits and Pieces from our Archives



Two high-spots of the year in sport have beenour victories over Victoria College, Alexandria in both football and tennis.(1955)


It has been good to see so complete a revivalof dramatic activity in the College as has taken place this year. There havebeen two Arabic plays, two one-act plays produced and acted by members of theStaff, and a welcome return to life of the College Amateur Dramatic Society ina production of this year’s General Certificate play, Shakespear’s The Tempest.All were very well received, and thoroughly enjoyed by those taking part – andwhat more can be desired of any production, amateur or professional? (1955)



We welcome most sincerely to the staff Mr.A.J. Wollaston, Mr. R.W.T. Tidmarsh, and Mr. J.G. Waterworth. In spheres ofCollege activity they have already taken valuable parts: Mrs Wollaston and MrsTidmarsh also deserve our gratitude for the way in which they have entered intothe life of the College. (1954)


We were extremely sad to have to say goodbyeto Mr. Gatley last summer: he has been with the College from the very beginning– and at V.C. Alex. before that. His memory remains in the bearing of his nameby his Old House: his monument, to all visitors to the College, might well beCircumpice – for the truly lovely gardens in which we are set are all hiscreation.(1955)



We have also sorely missed this year thecheerful face of Mr Dodds with its magnificent moustaches; looking out of thebookroom before morning school, with a kindly word for each passer-by – such as“Where’s your tie, boy?” or “Carry this load of books to my room, will you?” MrDodds, another who helped transfer the College from Shubra to Maadi, earned therespect and affection of all who worked with or under him. We wish him and MrsDodds the very best of success in England.(1955)



Miss O’Sullivan has left the PreparatorySchool to take up the Headmistress-ship of a school in Cyprus. Many of ourSenior boys have benefited from her kindly sternness in their younger days. Toher, also, we would send our very best wishes.(1954)





House Notes (1955)



On looking back over the past year, it is sadto find that there is still little sign of any awakening of the interest andkeenness without which the House cannot really flourish. Except in swimming andtennis – traditionally our strong points – it has been another disappointingyear : and this in spite of the unfailing encouragement and indefatigableefforts of Mr. Hinds and Mr. Doyle.


In football, for instance, our team cametogether for the very first time on the actual afternoon of our match againstKitchener’s strong team! Naturally, however brilliantly Captain Ghais himselfplayed and led his team, we were due for the responding defeat that wereceived. Much the same went for the Athletics, in which, although we camesecond to the combined Boarder Houses, we did not total as much as a third oftheir points.

More cheerfully, the House Swimming Cup cameto us for the second year in succession; and we maintained our clear supremacyin tennis – indeed, four of the five School Tennis Colours are Cromers.


Let us all do our best in the coming year toextend the spirit of confident enthusiasm that has led our swimming and tennisteams to success, to all the sports – and, indeed, to every activity that theCollege offers. We can do it if we will only go it as a House.






House Notes (1955)



It is surprising how difficult it is toremember that we are no longer Allenbys, and yet the memories of our old Housemasterwho has given his name to the House are still so vivid, that the change hasbeen easy. Mr. Gatley’s departure, though, has left a gap which it isimpossible to fill, and we all hope that he is enjoying his new life inEngland. With his departure we lose also the famous “Snake-in-the-Grass”, whoseidentity, long suspected, can at last be revealed.


Gatley House’s first year has been adistinguished one in the sporting world. A. Bahgat has led the way, as a HouseCaptain should, by his sterling work in the College football team and the RelayTeam, to say nothing of his attempts to get even with the House Tutor in theboxing ring.


In the Senior House Football Cup the Boarderswere victorious with a team which contained nine Gatley House players. Therumour that, in the course of the last game, Attia and Rifai broke their ankleson the referee was incorrect.


In Junior House Cup we parted with our Lloydbrethren, to be narrowly beaten by them in the final.


There was undue permission in the early partof the season over our chances in the Athletics, but after the pulling up ofnumerous socks the combined Boarders romped home easy winners on Sports Day,winning the Inter-House, Standards, Senior and Junior Relay Cups. Ourcongratulations go to Raffee and Radwan for wining the Senior and Junior VictorLudorum. Not only this, but Radwan equaled Raffee’s under-16 100 yards recordof 10.6 seconds, and Raffee broke the School record for the same distance inthe fast time of 10.1 seconds. Incidentally, these two have had a bumper yearas they were the scorers of the two goals with which the College beat V.C.Alex. For the first time in years.


In spite of the Tennis Master’s efforts to getthem a walk-over, the Boarders fared badly in the Tennis House-matches, failingto survive the first round. However, our representatives in the team, Attia,Raffee, Tassan and Ali Reza, tried their best, which is the main thing. At thetime of writing, the cricket has yet to be decided; on paper, at any rate, ourchances must rank high, as together with the Lloyds we can field a strong side.


Gatley House boys figured prominently in theboxing championships, and this year we are entering the House competition onour own for the first time. We wish our team the best of luck.


We, hear that a new language is being spokenin the Prefect’s studies, known as “nautical jargon”. This is due to the verywelcome return to the fold of Skipper Sadek, the Terror of the Sailing Club. Atthe time of writing he has avoided colliding with his new Housemaster on theriver. Incidentally, we understand that the main reason for his return is themonthly guest night dinners which have been such a successful innovation.


Ghosts have been much to the fore this year –ghosts on bicycles, and (this is vouched for by a very senior member of theHouse) a ghost that sits in the boxing-ring. The hedge has since been repaired.


Since the arrival of one very small member ofthe House, it was considered that we might start a Nannies’ Class. However onone occasion of giving out pocket-money, there proved to be so many excellentnannies in the House that the Class has proved unnecessary.







House Notes (1955)



As far as sports are concerned, this has beena very disappointing year for the House: we all realize, however, that ourfailure has been due chiefly to insufficient training, in spite of theconsiderable efforts of A.G. Zein, and are determined to put this right in thefuture. Credit must be paid, however to Karim, H.Sherif, Mehrez and I. Bahgatfor their fine performances in the Athletics.

It is with real regret that we say goodbye toH. Lingaoui, who as House Captain has displayed great energy and enthusiasmthroughout the year. We are losing a House prefect in the departure of F.Lichaa. We wish them both the best of luck for the future.


In spite of the sad tale of defeat ininter-House sports, we feel that we are yearly gaining a greater House spirit;attendance at House meetings has been excellent, and certainly there is muchtalent among the younger members of the House. We are confident of making theother Houses sit up in coming years!






House Notes (1955)



As usual, we joined with Gatley House for thesporting events of the year, with the exception of the Junior Football, andthough we must in all fairness admit that most of the honours must go toGatley, we did some very useful work, and our members certainly earned theirplaces in the teams. Together we won the Senior Football, and our Juniorsdefeated Gatley by 6-1. We were unfortunately knocked out in the first round ofboth Senior and Junior Tennis competitions, but made up for this by some veryfine performances in the Athletics. On the whole, whether running or jumping,we have managed to have two or three in the finals of most events; moreover therelay team which ran against the Old Boys – and won – was composed entirelyBoarders.


Of the other activities, the miniature golfcourse proveed very popular at first, but later squash took its place, and thegolfers swept over to the squash courts in a wave of enthusiasm. Perhaps it wasbecause the squash courts occupy a less exposed position!


Croquet is still popular among the youngerboys, and so far there have been remarkably few accidents either to heads ormallets.



Another interesting feature of the past yearhas been the production of several Arabic plays. They are coming along mostpromisingly, and we would like to congratulate A.K. Abdou and O. Saleh inparticular on their enjoyable performances.


Guest night dinners have been given atintervals during the year, and have proved most successful, in showing thatBoarders can entertain their guests as politely as anyone else; several of thevisitors have remarked on the fact. The seating arrangements are carefullyplanned, and certainly give complete satisfaction to those who make them. Andwhy not ?


The Fun Fair arranged by Mrs Elliot-Smith to helpthe P.D.S.A. proved very popular with the Boarders, and the number of prizesthat came back to Lloyds was just nobody’s business.


It only remains now to wish the House a goodcricket season, and as much success in the end-of-year examinations as it hadin the sports – if this is not too much to ask of Lady Fortune.





House Notes (1955)



Is there no need


To write of Reed?


It seems absurd


That no one cares

To say a word


Of Reed’s affairs.


We, think, indeed,


It’s wrong of Reed


To have such fears,


To be so shy.


In future years


Will someone try


To write or Reed ?









for the School Year ending June, 1955


Senior Victor Ludorum… … … … … …  S.RAFEE  

(Zammar Cup).


Junior Victor Lodorum … … … … … … M.M. RADWAN


House Sports … … … … … … … … … BOARDER HOUSES

(Latif Cup).


Senior House Football … … … … … … BOARDER HOUSES

(Wenna Cup).


Junior House Football … … … … … …  LLOYDHOUSE

(Elgood Cup).


Senior House Cricket … … … … … …  BOARDER HOUSES

(Elgood Cup).


Junior House Cricket … … … … … …  GATLEY HOUSE

(Shaw Cup).


Senior House Relay Race … … … … … BOARDER HOUSES

(Iskander Cup).



Senior House Tennis … … … … … …  CROMERHOUSE

(Romilly Cup)


House Swimming … … … … … … … KITCHENER HOUSE

(Major Wise Cup).


House Boxing Cup … … … … … … ... LLOYD HOUSE


Upper school Form Football … … … …UPPER FIVETWO

(Vinga Cup).


Upper School Form Swimming Relay … .. MIDDLEFIVE ONE

(Major wise Cup).


Lower School Form Swimming Relay … .. MIDDLEFOUR ONE

(Major Wise Cup).


Sailing … … … … … … … … … …  N. SALAH ELDIN

(KassemCup).                          CrewR. ALT







from the years 1954 & 1955


These are brief notes and information of yourcolleagues after their graduation from College which will be of interest toyour contemporaries at Victoria College.


You may find yourself in one of these briefnotes or a friend whom you may recall during that time or might know himpersonally until this date.


These notes will fill you with strong emotionsand delightful feelings in a state of glad sensation and cheerfulness.


The compiling of these previously unknowninformation were collectively gathered into this volume by the CollegeReception Secretary, Miss F.L. Joyce Grew during that time.


It is to Miss Grew that we are indebted forthe whole of the material of the present Notes.


Let us now get started and read withenthusiasm the different news, gossips and personal events by case, chance,circumstance and facts.




We would express our sincere sympathy with thefamily and friends of El Hani Assiuty who was killed while flying as a Cadet ofthe Aeronautical Department, Royal Military College, Koubri el Kubba, on May1st, 1955.





The engagement has been announced betweenHoppe Etmekdjian and Miss Diana Tchaylakian, daughter of

Mr. H.A. Tchaylakian, an Alexandria OldVictorian.


The engagement has been announced between

Dr. Fathy Nassif Lozza and Miss FrancineBehman.

Dr. Lozza and Miss Behman are colleagues atthe hospital of Miss Behman’s father at Helwan.





Guiragossian  –  Zammar.  On 24th April, 1955, at the Armenian Cathedral, Cairo, Garo Guiragossian toLiliane Zammar, daughter of Mr. Antoine Zammar, an Alexandria Old Victorian,and sisiter of Alec Zammar, a Cairo Old Victorian.

The best man was A. Goganian, also a Cairo OldVictorian. The ceremony was attended by many Old Victorians and by several ofthe staff of the College.



KAMAL  ADHAM  is now in business as a GeneralMerchant in Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia, with agencies for motor-cars and generalmerchandise.


MICHAEL  ATIYAH  has now a Fellowship in PureMathematics at Trinty College, Cambridge. He was Smith Prizeman for the year1954.


PATRICK   ATIYAH  is now Assistant Lecturer in Law at theLondon School of Economics.


RAGA  AZIZ  is studying at The Faculty of Medicineat Ein Shams University. Abbassia.


RALPH  BALASSIANO  is working with the Austin MotorCompany at Longbridge, near Birmingham, England. He had been an apprentice withthe Company for two and a half years.


E.  BASSANO  was last heard of in Geneva,Switzerland  – presumably studying at the University.


EDWIN J.  BENAROYO  is working in the firm of James Raffo,Import and Export Merchant, specializing in watches and textiles.


WAHIB  BENZAGR   is studying in the Faculty of Commerceat Durham University.


NABIL GABRIEL BISHARA  is studying in the Faculty of Medicineat Cairo University.


FREDDY BUTTS is serving in the Royal Engineers in the British Army.


R. CHALOM, ANDRE SHALOM, and G. MUTEVELLIAN are sharing an apartment in Bayswater,London. They are all studying in London University.


Amr El Alfy  has entered the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.


IBRAHIM CHOUCHA has entered the Faculty of Engineering, CairoUniversity.


JOSEPH COHEN graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, andhas been working since 1956 at the Jewish Hospital in Cairo.


DR. W.S. DAOUD has been working in a Country Health Unit atZagazik.


E. DEBBAS is studying in the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. Hewent last summer with the party of Victorians and Old Victorians to England,and according to Mr. Hinds was a great asset throughout the trip.  


FAROUK CHOURBAGUI  is now in England and seeking admissionto Cambridge University.


ROLAND DELBOURGO is a Qualified Draughtsman, and is workingwith Mr. Menasche, an engineer.


MAHER FANOUS has managing his father’s factory, during the latter’s illness.


HISHAM FAROUQUI graduated from New College, Oxford in 1947,with an Honours Degree in Geology. He then worked for three years with theSaudi-Arabian Government. In 1954 he was studying Civil and ConstructionalEngineering in London.


ZUHAIR FAROUQUI working in the family business in Jeddah,Saudi-Arabia.


O. GHAZZOUI is said to be in England. His address there would be welcome.


JOHN HADJIGEORGIOU after a distinguished University career,gaine his B.Sc. at Birmingham University in 1954. He is now working as a CivilEngineer with Messrs Mouchel and Partners, of Victoria Street, London, andstaying at the same house as Claude Salama.



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