History of Victoria College
A past worthy of notice


Victoria College was established in Alexandria, Egypt at the beginning of the twentieth century, in the year 1902. Years later, Victoria College, Cairo was born during WWII at the temporary headquarters of the Italian School in Shubra, before the modern campus of Maadi was inaugurated in 1950. Despite the fact that the two schools were separate legal entities, their retainment of the same name, reflected their togetherness and ever lasting spiritual oneness. The history of Victoria College will remain a continuous account of events and art of narrating for people to write as a legend preserved by traditions and popularity. Victoria College was attended by Royalty and dignitaries from all over the Middle East and beyond, many of whom presently occupy prominent positions throughout the world. Among the graduates, Prince Omar Tousson of the Egyptian Royal family, the late King Hussein of Jordan, late King Feisal of Iraq, King Simon of Bulgaria, King Constantine of Greece, several Princes of the Saudi Royal families, Crown Prince Zog of Albania, El Mahdi and El Merghani from Sudan, Senoussis from Libya, Sabbahs and Ghanems from Kuwait. Egyptian politicians, prime ministers and ministers, Amin Osman, Mansour Hassan, Mohamed Radwan amongst others. Also, renowned writer Edward Said, film director Youssef Chahine, actors Omar Sharif and Ahmed Ramzi . We, the Old Victorians should be proud of ourselves to read the chronicles of our lives of past events and our College revealed by authors, writers and journalists. We should thank editors Sahar Hammouda and Colin Clement for publishing their marvelous book of our school, “Victoria College – A History Revealed”. Also, we must refer to Samir Rafaat, prominent editor, the first to launch an article about our college and establish a connection in his web site www.egy.com “Victoria College 1902-1956: Educating the Elite” For the legend to continue, and the spirit to go on, we would like the Old Victorians to participate and connect with us.

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