1March - 2009Mr. Mahmoud Kabil The Famous Actor and Good Will Ambassador Listen
2May - 2009Professor Saryea Sidky of Helwan University Listen
3July - 2009Mrs. Moushera Khatab Former Minister of State for Family and Population Listen
4January - 2010Mr. Galal El Zorba (VCA) Chairman of the Federation of the Egyptian Industries Listen
5February - 2010Dr. Mongy Abdel Kader (VCC) Professor of Urology Cairo University Listen
6February - 2010Mrs. Moushera Khatab Former Minister of State for Family and Population Listen
7May - 2010Mr. Samir Zaher (VCC) Former President of the Egyptian Football Association Listen
8June - 2010Dr. Amany Asfour (VCC)President of Egyptian Business Women Association Listen
9December - 2010Mr. Ahmed El Dabaa The Famous Antiquity Expert Listen
10January - 2011Mrs. Azza Fahmy The Famous Jewelry Designer Listen
11April - 2011Mr. Ahmed El Gamal The Famous Journalist Listen
12June - 2011General Mohammed Ibrahim Former Minister Of Interior Listen
13December - 2011Ambassador Mostapha El Fiky Writer and Politician Listen
14February - 2012Mr. Mansour Hassan (VCC) OVA's Honourary Chairman and Former Minister Listen
15March - 2012Mr. Ragaei Attia The Notable Lawyer and Thinker Listen
16April - 2012Chancellor Tahany El Gebaly Former Deputy Head of Egypt 's Supreme Constitutional Court Listen
17September - 2012Ambassador Amr Moussa Former Foreign Minister and Arab League General Secretary Listen
18March - 2013Mr. Mahmoud Fahmy Famous Lawyer and Counselor Listen
19April - 2013Mr. George El Bahgoury Famous Painter, Caricaturist and Political Cartoonist Listen
20May - 2013The Famous Dancer Dina Listen
21June - 2013Mr. Hussein Rizk (VCC) Renewable Energy Expert Listen
22November - 2013Mr. Ziad Aly The IT expert and Founder of ALZWAD for Economic Development Listen
23February - 2014Mr. Mohamed Salmawy (VCC) The Famous Writer and President of the Egyptian Writers' Union Listen
24March - 2014Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Zeid Former Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Listen
25November - 2014Mr. Samir Zaher (VCC) Former President of the Egyptian Football Association Listen
26February - 2015General Sameh Seif Elyazel The Security Expert and Politician Listen
27March - 2015Dr. Waseem Elseesy Physician and Famous Egyptologist Listen
28April - 2015Dr. Amr Hassanein Expert in Local and international Development and Credit Ratings Listen
29June - 2015Mr. Hany El Messiry (VCA) Former Governor of Alexandria Listen
30November - 2015Mr. Makram Mohamed Ahmed Journalist and Former Head of the Journalism Syndicate Listen
31December - 2015Dr. Hossam Badrawi Prominent Physician and the well known Politician Listen
32January - 2016Dr. Ahmed Darwish The Former Minister of State for Administrative Development Listen
33February - 2016Dr. Ali El-Moselhi Member of Parliament and Former Minister of Social Solidarity Listen
34March - 2016Mr. Ossama Kamal (VCA) Host of the Famous TV Program "Al Kahera 360" Listen
35May - 2016Mr. Hussein Fahmy The Famous Actor and Former UNDP Regional Ambassador of Goodwill Listen


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