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Special Events

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Mahmoud Osman Harania Giza May 2003



George Hebeish FarmDecember 2003



Mahmoud Osman Harrania Giza May 2003


On Friday the 9th of May 2003, Mr. & Mrs.Mahmoud Osman hosted a large group of Old Victorians and their wives for lunchat their Harrania residence.

It was an elegant invitation and most pleasingin a warm afternoon, accompanied by a band playing light oriental music in thebackground.

An open buffet lunch in the most delicious andexquisite cuisine was being served in a centrally air-conditioned building.

We must extend our gratitude, to the generoushospitality of Mahmoud Osman and his grand lady for this wonderful day.




George Hebeish Farm December 2003


On Friday the 19th of December 2003, the OldVictorians, spent a wonderful day with their wives at the invitation of GeorgeHebeish,at his farm in Mansouriah.

Mohamed Awad, Chairman of the Old VictoriansAssociation (Alexandria)  handed awards to George Hebeish, Mohamed El Alfyand Heshmat Mahmoud in the presence of our Chairman, Ismail Osman , DeputyChairman Suhad Zaher and Treasurer, Aly Saleh. This was another beautiful dayof our lives.

Thanks George to you and your beautiful wifefor your hospitality.         

We deeply regret toannounce the great loss of our dear colleague, George Hebeish who passed awayon July the 5th 2004.

George Hebeish was oneof the founding members in the OVA and was always looking to the bright side ofthings for the association.


God Bless hisSoul   







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